We can be balanced, successful, ambitious, good-looking and sexy and that all might be a reason, why we are single and free. Because when we have a strong state of mind and the attitude, people around us are scared to death. Especially if women are very strong and independent, men and other women are simply intimidated by them. Do you know that feeling, when you go to a bar or a club and you know all eyes are on you, but not a single soul come to talk to you? Your strong personality and character are the reason why. They are too scared of denial. Too scared you will hurt their ego. And then you end up going home alone again, unless you nod your head at the first guy standing nearby and then he runs home with you like a lost puppy. But this is not, what you want exactly. A scared puppy. And you will not take anyone, who is not good enough for you.


You want someone strong, ambitious. Someone, who is not scared and can handle your attitude. Someone like yourself. It takes time to attach the right person. Especially if you have high standards. What are you supposed to do until you find the right person? You are tired from the meaningless sex already. Sometimes you feel like you do not need anyone in your life, because you are strong enough to handle all the situations and control over your life. But then the storm comes, and you feel like you would use a pleasing touch and cuddle. Plus, you have an essential needs, that should be fulfilled. You have a need to release that tension.


Your answer to all the inner trouble and somewhat chaos is an erotic massage. You can get everything your life is lacking in that simple therapy. Your muscles will be released, your mind will focus on pleasure moments and you will get that sensitive experience you are lacking. Right after the massage you will feel hundred percent better and your life will be back on track again.